Monday, August 30, 2010

Quitting Smoking

now im not really sure when i decided to quit i only remember the way it happened now i had been smoking a pack a day for about 10 years, and yes since i was 15 i know this because when i was 16 my dad passed away and thats when i started smoking in front of my mother, but besides the point. i do know it was shortly after my daughter was born maybe about two to three weeks after she was born first week of october. i had been thinking about it alot and was always nervous about doing it cause my wife would have to put up with me and 2 children and the way quitting smoking is demonized on tv to help sell stop smoking aides. so there i was i woke up a monday morning and got ready for work and just kinda decided today im going to see how long i can go without smoking now normally i would chain smoke in the morning about 2-3 smoke on the drive to work and 2-3 before i would go in to startwhich works out to be 6 smoke in 1 hour tops but i made it i made it through until shift start and i kinda carried on from there

i was never really overly aggravated or irritated did it happen i bet it did but it was never enough for me to blame any of it on smoking. people would always ask how i did it, and i say i just did i always carried a pack of smoke on me for about a month after quitting and i think that helped if anything it helped my willpower. when i wanted to take a break and have a smoke i just made myself busy convinced myself i was too busy to smoke. i think thats what did it,that was a major help know that they were there and i could have one vs not having anything and stressing about when i was going to get one, i even continued to let people smoke around me in my car ect. i didn't hide from it and now 10 months later i am pretty much smoke free, since that monday i have had 4 smokes total  i had one each day after that monday and 2 in a row when i needed to calm down due to high stress at work .

but for anyone thinking of quitting i say go for it i can breathe better i smell better and coming up at the one year marker I will have cut my chance of a heart attack in half vs a smoker. i have saved a ton of cash if we go with a pack a day at 10 dollars a day for 9 months 1X10X30X9=2700 that is an extra 2700 dollar in my pocket


  1. I started smoking when i was 13~

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  3. I don't really get how you get addicted to it. Shrug

  4. fantastic that blog percetly shapes my mind
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  5. I know dude i gotta get into shape.

  6. thanks all i plan on updating daily even if its about a simple bike ride