Wednesday, September 15, 2010

huge update

ok sooo my son who is 3 has finally started preschool successfully and has been loving it so for he get along with the kids there even tried to stop the crying kids from well...crying. so that s good thing i believe second big new is i am officially house shopping we got approved for the mortgage and today will be our first day when i find some houses ill throw them up maybe even have a vote for which house i buy. but this being only fresh in my life let me actually look.
third so i got approved on my current income and that happened last night i came into work today and got pulling into an office by the bigboss and low and behold i didnt lose my job for my constant internet browsing and such but i got a small promotion which means ill be doing less im going over to dispatch and returns which is easy as hell but it came with a 8k a year raise so smiles all around . so im think im going to stay with what im approved for before my raise and buy a house and get raise makes life easy

what do you think i should do should i redo my mortgage approval and get more money for a bigger/better house  or stay where it is and buy what i can and now have extra money to be comfortable

Monday, September 13, 2010

quick update

just so you all know my sons first day at preschool went very very well he didn't want to leave


i still haven't heard anything about my mortgage so hopefully today but also over the course of the weekend i injured my knee the same one i had surgery on, but it not sore in the same place it seems the tendons in the back of the knee are pissed off at me for some reason thats whats sore so i spent a lot of the weekend doing stretching but to no avail ,

also on a lighter note my son kinda starts preschool today he goes for one hour to see his interaction with the other kids so hopefully that goes well

for now im going back to stretching and waiting to here from mortgageguy and the wife about the first day of school

Friday, September 10, 2010

last night

well last night was very slow my legs were slow as hell from running and i had a meeting with a mortgage specialist so im kinda nervous waiting to see what i get pre approved for so seeing as this pretains to the organization part of my life i am going to keep this post short with the hopes i get my answer later so i can share it all with you

Thursday, September 9, 2010

wed sept 09

so last night things got a little hectic at home so i went running again and my was it a run i pretty much ran until i couldn't run anymore slowed the pace for a bit to get my breathing under control, and i mean running not a jog. but full out sprint and that about what i did most of the night, i would run till my breathing was almost causing me to puke but push on i must tonight i don't know what im going to do my legs are aching maybe ill just do sit-ups and push ups all night i really need to get some free weights but money is a little tight right now same with space at home im sure i could make the space easily but the funds to get any weights will be hard but im going to have to do it so only so much a bike running and sit-ups and push-ups can do anyone know any good ways to get weights hell even a heavy bag would be nice?

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Tuesday Sept 7th

well last night again was uneventful for a fitness standpoint but i still got to sweating me and the wife went over to a friends house because she needed help with some home improvements, so it started by going to go get coffee which i used drive thru but in the end it was worth it because for some reason the car in front of me paid for all our drinks. so i get there and the house is hot and im sweating standing there. and what do i have to do i have to hang a door that separates her playroom from the living room turns out she just kicked out her boyfriend and was too scared to sleep alone in the basement so she needed to move her room adn figure the play room would work for now and that room was even hotter but my amazing wife helpped me when i needed it but i definatly got my sweat on hell didnt even attempt to open the window cause i knew any chance for a workout when out the window with my good deed in the end the door was hung looks good and she can sleep safely

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Thanks all

amazingly i have just noticed that i have reached 50 followers i never thought this would happen i figured maybe 20 people would find me but thanks to all my followers i guess the next step is to aim for 100?