Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The knee (cont)

so i head up to the hospital and go into the waiting room and i sit alone waiting for my call eventually it comes but everything is eventually anyways right?. so i finally go and before i know it im out, and waking up in a room surrounded by people i have never seen before that was a little freaky still not able to move but able to look around. so as i come around i realize im in recovery a nurse comes by gives me some more perks and morphine, its interesting watching them bring in others and watching them one kid across from me was still sleep but when they went to move him onto another bed he got violent took about 6 nurse to hold him down but he kept fighting so i wondered if i did that too eventually i get moved into another room and my mom arrives with roger and we hang out for a bit doctor comes up tells me what i should and shouldnt be doing blah blah blah they bring a wheel chair and say see ya later. so i was in the hospital for a total of about 6 hours. i wheeled myself to the doors go up walked out.

so we head home i get home and my lovely wife had moved my bed so i could still have computer access while i was laid up in bed, seeing as i was going to be there for a little bit but i could stillg et up and walk couldnt bend my knee much and needed alot of support but i managed it was awkward sitting in bed and trying to use a mouse with my right arm going across my chest. so i didnt do much for that week. but i had everything i needed.

by this time i was getting more and more depressed about my being out of shapeness. also being up to 255 pounds my highest yet, it just kinda ate away at me like a termite on a house just slowly but surely.

i consider myself fairly lucky though most people i talked to had about a 6 months wait just for a mri and 9 months for surgery. i dont get how things can speed up and slow down like this