Monday, August 30, 2010

The knee

So after quitting smoking i was going to work on getting into shape i waited a bit cause everyone said you will cough up a lot of stuff from your lungs after wards, so waiting i ended up with a cold so this set me back a little longer, as i waited this cough out my left knee become progressively more and more painful i waled with a horrible limp i could not carry my newborn daughter and i couldn't play with my son. i think this hurt most of all it was pain sharp stabbing pain no matter what i was doing it hurt. so after a 3 week wait i finally go into my doctors office asked the normal questions what did you do? do you remember? does it hurt when i do this? and really he knew it was going to hurt i think they do it for fun, so he says well there's definitely some inflammation in there so I'm going to give you some Oxycontin for the pain ill give you some anti-inflammatory to help but they take about 2 weeks to be fully effective so im going to give you a injection. that hurt like crazy i had to bend my knee which was painful as it was, and he stuck the needle under the knee cap from the bottom about 2 days later it felt ok for a couple days then back to normal.

so he tells me i need to go for a MRI, and that they would call me with an appointment so now im thinking how long do i have to wait, well they called the next week for the appointment and to my surprise it was in one week which our wait times are normally horrible in canada, but this time it worked out it was at 3 am not a winning time but still it was a time it was quick i wasnt about to complain, so i get to the MRI waiting area i see all these signs about metal and i get nervous cause really who knows i might have metal inside me from a childhood accident  and my mind starts flashing about metal being sucked out by a gigantic magnet, so i walk in and as im getting onto the table my pants rip up the side (at this time i was wearing pyjama/comfy pants) from about mid-calf to about mid thigh . awesome.  so the girl that was working the machine tells me ithe machine gets loud so if you want i got headphones to help. she puts them on and low adn behold the most poppiest dance music is playing, so i get ready to hunker down and wait the 1 hour they told me it would take so i closed my eye adn waited i paid close attention to my breathing, have you eve realized how gard it is to not move until youve been told not to move at all?
so the machine starts and man is it loud but happily its louder then the headphones knocking and banging and all sort of other sounds 15 min later its done. i ask why and it cause people cant sit still and also if the have an emergency come in that needs a MRI asap
soi head outside and forget about the rip in my pants until i get there and it is cold out 330 am winter time canada enough said

i started my 2 week wait for results
this goes by i call the doctor and i am told i need to come in for an appointment only thing is i need to wait yet another week. so again waiting .
i finally get in there and im told its a torn meniscus and will most likely need surgery but i need to see a specialist being refered again....
2 days later specialist calls come in for appointment tomorrow and i agree so i go meet him and a more with the poking and proding and the bend this way do this do that after 2 months of my leg being tense and flex trying not to move the knee i have a doctor telling me just to relax let it go limp and it hurt he can see im in pain, so he says he thinks he can do surgery explains it how it works what he does and i dont think he gets the point of me saying i dont care what you do i want to be able to run ever since this injury ive put on 20 pounds from sitting and doing nothing i want to play with my son. bottom line so he agrees says ill call you to confirm but how does next week look?

so in i go....... to be continued

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