Monday, August 30, 2010

the beginning

So i'm just starting this blog as more of a motivational tool for myself and others feeling the same way, this all started actually almost a year ago when a good friend Rob, ran the Race Around the Bay. I followed him through out his training, and to see his personal motivation to always push harder and faster and to do it all on his own free will was a lot of motivation for me.
 so i hope i can motivate also

just going to do a quick catch up here on some progress so far
October 2009- Quit Smoking
Dec 09- found out i needed knee surgery
Feb 09 knee surgery
to current i am going to start from the beginning this is more of an intro post 


  1. love blogs when they just start ~

  2. i know im all new to this but looking for something to continue pushing forward with and a way to track what ive done